The dark love soul (Part 2, page 1 of 33)

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Part 2

While video calling, John asked that what was the matter, disturbing her baby!

Karen told that ..... her cousin.... Albert'

mm..... He.. ......

John asked angrily and lovingly what matter was there, just tell him otherwise he shall come to her place and then ask. Karen started to tell him !

''You were right in the bridal shower, Albert's intensions were all wrong. He was when flying back to home, he gifted me a bouquet and a camera and there was a love letter for me.. John! I fired that letter and texted him angrily and insulted him allot but i was at loss and i tried to stop him of his wrong intensions for me. I have told him about you that i have a boyfriend. He is just disturbing me still and even i had a long fighting with Albert only for you. Even when i was srudying and you called me just after your call, Albert called me on my phone and i attended it when i was trying to behave normal bt he was consistently trying to discuss me and him.only and when he crossed his limits, i called him stupid and ended up the call. This all thing is disturbing me and i am certain that if you can find any solution for me, john'.

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