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Part 1

Jack Samuels opened his eyes to see a nurse and doctor standing at his bedside in the hospital. He remembered the doctor telling him that he was a very lucky fellow to survive such a horrific accident. They asked him what he remembered about the accident and he shooked his head and whispered that he couldn't remember being in an accident. The nurse asked him if he remembered who he was with. Again Jack shook his head and said no.

‚Äč The police chief came in and questioned him wanting to know who was driving. Again Jack didn't know the answer to that question either The doctors inform the police that his memories needed to come back on their own and if they kept pushing him to remember that could do more harm than good. Jack wanted to remember but there was something that just wouldn't let him. The police even wanted him to do a lie detector test and the doctors flately refused to let him do that.

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