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Part 1

After solving the Carrie Emery cold case nicknamed The Cover up In a Small Town case Mac's Unit telephone ranged off the hook with lots of request for the cold case file unit to ivestigate other unsolvd cases. Some were missing persons and the rest was offically listed as homicides and Suspicious Deaths cases. The women officers answering the phones had their work cut out for them. They took as much of the information they could to get to make sure it got to the right team of detectives. Kim offered to help them separate all of the requests. Kim separated them into Missing cases and Homicide and Suspiicious death cases.

She pulled the missing case envelopes that held a picture of the missing person, police report. and a list of witnesses and possible contacts the missing person had. The Murder and suspicious deaths cases was in boxes that had the picture of the victim, the police report, the autospy and toxicology reports in an envelope ontop of the clear plastic bags containing the victims clothing, and other items that was considered evidence.Kim delivered the emails and letters to Mac. He read the emails mostly from the families and friends of either persons that were missing the others he instructed Kim to put ontop of that victim's boxes.

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