Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 4, page 5 of 24)

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Part 4

A demon altar, for some magical reason, carried the potential for magical ores. Once it was destroyed, the magic that bound it was released, and it seeps into the soil, in reappears in some random place, and blesses it into one of the rare world metals. It also realeases ancient evils known as wraiths.

The wraiths are a deadly bunch, with glowing red eyes and the ability to pass through walls. However, they were not that difficult to kill. Being ephemeral, surprisingly enough, meant that it was super easy to pass them on to whatever spirit world they came from and Jex had no problem in dispatching them into the ether.

Jex looked about and noticed on a ledge above the glowing form of another altar. With a smile, he shot off his grappling hook, and swung into close range. He examined it closely. He had been drilling all day and the thought of taking down more wraiths was a bit disheartening. One more altar, a few more wraiths, and he thought to mirror home to take a break. Maybe make some coffee.

The demon altar was like all the others. It was the same colour of ebonstone, but looked to be made of a more fleshy substance. Sharp and large horns protruded from it's edges and curled around it to make it look more like a maw than an altar. When he first saw one, he didn't realize it was an altar, since it didn't look like any altar he had known before. But Pans seemed to be quite aware of what it was.

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