Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 4, page 3 of 24)

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Part 4

The stone block stood before him. He revved up his drill and started on the same hole he had been working on for the last two weeks. He had progressed four feet in, and he wondered if it was worth it. The whole time, he assumed it was hollow. Why have a block in buried if it wasn't some type of container?

One thing for certain, they couldn't use or craft the material. Every time Jex had tried, he couldn't seem to break off large enough pieces to be useable in bricks or material. The stuff didn't make very well into anything useful. The drill was loud, and made a lot of dust. Pans put on a mask he had made from some silk he got from upstairs and continued the long and arduos process of drilling. He hoped it was hollow. he truly hoped.

After about three hours of drilling, he stopped. It didn't look like he made much progress, but he felt that it was a good three hours spent. He examined the progress he made, and poked his finger at the hole. It was still warm from drilling, but as he pressed, his finger broke through.

It was hollow. And he was close.

A strange stench hit him, but he didn't worry too much about it, he was protected by a mask. He picked up his drill again, and continued drilling. Slowly making the hole bigger. It took a bit, but with an edge to catch on, the hole was a lot easier to manage. And after what seemed an eternity of drilling, Pans was able to make the whole big enough to stick in his head.

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