Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 4, page 2 of 24)

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Part 4

With the new cobalt, he was able to make himself a drill. This speeded up digging considerably, and he made progress on the mysterious stone structure which haunted them every day with it's unknown secrets.

Jex was off in search of more demon altars. Every time he destroyed one, he was beset by wraiths, but he was quite adapt at taking them down. He was able to get himself a cobalt drill as well, considering he was doing a lot of digging across the world. Adamantium, the most strongest and rare of metals, was still difficult to come by, but they had enough to at least make a forge out of adamanitium. It wouldn't be long until they started getting more of the advanced armour and weapons.

Pans grabbed made his way down the tower. In fact, he didn't even bother using the steps, he jumped down a hole he had made, making it easier to quickly get places. They had not found any golden horseshoes, which kept them from dying if they fell from a high enough place, but that's because the skies were now populated by wyverns, and the only place you could find a golden horseshoe were from the floating islands.

Pans walked down to the storage room and picked up his drill. He was always wary going into new rooms, for he never knew if a wraith or werewolf made it in, but he also knew that they don't exactly go around stealthily. Well, teh wraith did, but they were usually far and after jex since he's the one destroying all the altars. Wraiths hated that.

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