Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 4, page 1 of 24)

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Part 4

Some adventurers would try and bring in monster tokens from other worlds, but they were diligent at the Way Gate, and it wasn't mere tradition that kept it manned and policed from those who would wish to take advantage of Herm's free ale.

It had been about four days since they had killed the Wall of Flesh, and the monsters were very difficult to get rid of. The cursed armour he was watching now took almost his whole quiver of arrows, and that's if he shot at the right spot, and if his arrows were all enchanted. Arrows did nothing to a cursed suit of armour.

So he stopped trying after a while. A werewolf almost made it into the house, but that's because one of the trap door at the top of the building was left open. It was by pure chance that Jex was upstairs and heard the howling of the beast. As quick as he could, Jex shot out his grappling hook to the door on the roof and pulled it shut, just as he could make out the shape of the wolf about to leap in. The howls of the beast were immense as it realized how narrowly close it got to access of the Jex and Pan fortress.

They had found cobalt. The first altar was close by and they had been able to destroy it with the hammer the received from the Wall of Flesh. With the destruction of the demon altar, the world was blessed with cobalt. Considering that the world was huge, it was difficult to find but Pans had a nose for minerals, and he was able to locate it within two days. Of course, by then, Jex had been popping demon altars like they were pimples on a teenage loser, so maybe there was enough cobalt now to competely stock most of the multi-verse.

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