Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 2, page 3 of 26)

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Part 2

"what about me?" asked Mr. Herm.

"You can have pancakes," said Mrs. Herm.

"Again? We had pancakes yesterday!" complained Mr. Herm.

"I also have oatmeal, if you want," said Jex's mother.

"You have sugar?" asked Hyrim.

"Not for you, remember your blood sugar levels," said Mrs. Herm.

Mr. Herm sighed and took his oatmeal. Jex was excited about the bacon and eggs. The children around him were excited that something new was happening. They were scared for Jex and were giving him all sorts of accounts and advice that he should heed now that he was going to be an adult.

"Remember, Jex. To be nice to your new wife," said Milly.

"I'm not getting married!" said Jex.

"You might meet a nice girl now that you are old enough. ANd you have to treat her like daddy treats mommy," said Milly.

"I think all daddy does is annoy mommy," said Jex.

"You got that right," said Mrs. Herm.

"Thanks," said Mr. Herm.

"And clean socks are important," said Mrs. Herm.

"Yes, well, I will see to that, considering I won't have soap, or a washing machine in this new world," said Jex.

"Just remember to bathe more regularly than you do here. You don't want to catch diseases from living in your own filth." said his mom.

"You also don't want to get a bad case of plague!" said Milly.

"no, right. No plauge," said Jex.

They continued to eat their meal in chaos, when Pans appeared.

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