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Part 2

To him, it was the only way out, the only goal. And it was a good goal, for it kept him alive.

Kayle started a small fire. The meat did taste rather good. There were these small, rabbit like creatures that had long legs and pointed snouts. They gave off a peculiar noise, but they were easy to snare, and tasted rather good. He didn't wish to eat the plants or the fruits. He had no idea what would be poisonous and what wouldn't in this new world, but so far, he had been lucky. He found the ones that didn't outright kill him, and made sure to keep an eye out for them.

And he journaled.

He didn't know why he journaled. One part of him still believed that he would make it out alive, but the majority of him new he was dead already. He did hope to find the entrance, but it was a glim hope. A hope that did keep him alive.

And if he did find a way back, then they would need some indication on what he was doing. They would need to know what the place looked like. They would need to know the monsters, the fauna, the landscape, the freaking colour of the sky.

And they would need to know the code to get to this world. The code, which he entirely wasn't too sure of, but he's pretty sure it invvoled another set of four glyphs.

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