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Part 1

He was fifteen. That meant in one week's time, when he turned sixteen, his graduation would begin. He would take the test, and become one of the people who would contribute to society. He would do the ritual as everyone person, male and female, did when they turned sixteen.

And he was excited.

The morning was the same as always, the light shone in through the window and there were the sounds of the many natury things that occured outside.

Jex didn't particularly like the outside, but that's where most of the things that happened happened. And so he got out of bed, put on his shoes, and walked outside of his room.

His sister came running by. He didn't remember this one's name. There were many children in the building, his parents had a thing for copulating, and so after a while, he started to call the children by different attributes. Considering that the most prominent gene seemed to be brown hair and straight, he ran out of different ways of describing them.

"Hey! Don't run in the halls! It's early. I could bump into you. I could be carrying coffee!" yelled Jex. He didn't drink coffee, and he wasn't the type to get coffee for anyone else, but you never knew. He could have been carrying something precious.

That reminded him, something precious. He did an about turn and went back into his room. He opened up a particular beat up old drawer in a particular beat up old dresser and pulled out his prized possession. It was a set of way dice. He dumped them out of the cloth, velvet bag he kept them in onto his bed.

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