Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 1, page 3 of 52)

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Part 1

But this knife was crafted from materials of this world, and he knew that he would do damage. The sounds came closer, and then switched behind him. kayle did not flinch. he listened again, and the sound of the awful licking sneezing combo came from above.

Kayle then leapt to the side as dirt exploded from the ground and he swung his knife with all his might. The knife cut lacerations into the worms body as it flew through the room. It hit the roof and started digging upward but kayled wrapped the remaining rope around it's tail. The rope was securely fastened to a hook, and the worm was stuck. It writhed back and forth, the teeth on the worms body jabbed and tried to slash about, but it was held fast. It could only go forward not backward.

Kayle sighed and leaned backwards. He hated this one. He hated them all, but at least the other creatures of the night could be fooled by a roof, or even a door. Not the worms. The worms dug through the ground and never gave up. They could sense when another living thing was in the ground and they would turn back and forth, hoping to run into the prey.

Kayle reached and grabbed a spear. This one made from the tooth of these worms. The teeth of the worm were very sharp, and very tough, but the muscles that held them in were simple enought to cut, as long as you didn't impale yourself on the other teeth.

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