Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 1, page 2 of 52)

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Part 1

What if he died in this world? Could he come back? He did not know, and he did not want to know. He looked at the worn way dice that he brought with him.

They were still serviceable, although worn from use. He had them ever since his father had given him the dice, and he used them on his first outing at sixteen. They were made from bones of the Mummies. He didn't know if that made them more powerful, or if that was why he was able to come to this world, but it did cause him to materialize in a place he had never expected.

And that's just it. All the worlds were the same. Every world that mankind had ever explored, did not differe from one to another. If he could make it back. He coudl be famous, or ridiculued for being a liar.

The sound that was the cross between licking and sneezing came again. Kayle cursed. It was the sound of one of those worms that dug through the ground. And itwasn't the worms he was familiar with. No, this worm had teeth the whole length of his body.

Kayle reached into his sack and took out a serrated knife. He looped that into a rope, and then started spinning it around and around. His ears tensed. He had a flail that he did bring, it was his old trusty Ball of Hurt, but it did nothing here. It just bounced off the first monster he tried it on, and he thought he saw the monster laugh.

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