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Part 1

Kayle looked towards the sky. It was a dark green, which wasn't the normal colour of the sky. He had seen many other colours, like blue, purple, red when there was a blood moon. But not green. Green was not a normal colour.

He was warming himself by a torch that he had stuck in the ground. The bricks he had built was over him, and he found himself stuck in a hole in the dirt. He had explored this new world for almost two weeks, and he was fortunate to be alive.

Nothing made sense. Nothing was familiar. Nothing worked.

He had to start from scratch. His tools he had brought barely scraped the ground, the weapons he thought would devastate an army barely made a dent.

And his way dice didn't work. That was the disturbing part. Because his way dice were inoperable, he could not go home.

He researched for days, trying to find the proper symbols, and then he discovered it wasn't the symbols that were the problem, he needed four more dice. That didn't make sense, and he didn't even know how he came to that discovery, but that's what he needed. Four more dice.

It had taken him a long time to craft the dice. He wanted to make sure every glyph was perfect, he wanted to make sure that every side was smooth. Making way dice sloppily usually meant a sad and painful trip, and the last thing he needed was more sustained injuries.

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