Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 6, page 5 of 30)

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Part 6

And then the flames cut out, and Pans periodically would shoot off a flame here and there to steady the cart. It slowed to a halt and they were at the exit.

Jex and Pans got out, and Jex, for the first time, noticed the the building up close. It was huge, and massive. There was no way that kayle could have constructed this, but who did? Who made it? It was made of a stone that once again was foreign to Jex, but it was smooth, as if there wasn't a single seam or a block of stone used. It was like a temple, with arches where arches didn't need to be. The top was a crazy dome, and at the spire was a symbol unfamiliar to both dex and Pans.

Pans hurried on ahead, with Jex trailing behind. He could see that pans had made a nice walkway all the way to the front gate of the building. There was a huge stone gate attached to a white wall that completely surrounded the temple. The gate couldn't only be recognized as a gate because it was slightly indented and on it was a plaque with strange words.

"I can't read it, although not for lack of trying," said Pans.

Jex looked at the plaque. The symbols looked oddly familiar.

"What does it say?" aksed Pans.

"I'm not a linguist, this will take somet ime to figure out. it looks familiar, but I don't know why."

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