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Part 6

Drilling was a common practice in their world. You would think that building a road on top would be just as good, however, with the days and nights, and the common interruptions of monsters and creatures, it become much more economical and profitable to drill through the land. The materials gained from the drilling coudl always be used, as it was for building up the tower for Jex and Pans, and it was a great way for finding abandoned caves and chests, although in this particular world, there weren't any.

Pans worked like a fiend after that conversation, determined to make it to the temple before the two days time. It was as if he lowballed the number just to get Jex to say yes. Jex seemed a bit worried about Pans, however, he seemed to sleep quite soundly, without the draught, and coem morning, he was up and out again.

Jex did construct something that he found was quite helpful for Pans, a cart.

"Look, I don't know why we rarely use this in our world, but I think it has something to do with the smoothness of our dirt. But when you drill, it seems that the ground is as smooth as glass, which makes the cart," Jex showed in, " really easy to use to prepel yourself."

"Then I don't have to run the whole time," said Pans.

"You are getting more fit I see, but yes, you can get there faster with this. You don't have to lug all your tools, you can put it in the cart."

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