Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 3, page 5 of 31)

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Part 3

Off in the distance, about a couple of miles away, he could make out the waterfalls. It was still quite a ways away, but it was in view. He took for granted his magic mirror. He had brought it with him, of course, and as soon as he entered the world, he did a quick view and then went off. He had taken for granted the ability to warp back and after about a few days of travelling, he realized it didn't work. It also didn't help that he had spent most of those days running away from things and hiding. He had no bearing on his location after a week's time.

Kayle could now see from his tower the two falls, the hill, the lake. He knew he was close to home. He wrote in his journal about the wonders he had seen. He began to take more detailed accounts because there was finally a chance that he would make it back.

Would people believe him? They must. Most of the minerals and rocks he could not seem to break with his tools, but he did find a particular small hunk of ore that he knew did not exist in his world. This would convince them if nothing else would. He began to sketch some of the animals he had seen, and point out some of the week spots.

He wondered if he wanted to go home. He wondered if he gave himself more time, he could conquer this land. If he could even bring people here. Now that he knew how to exit this land, he wanted to stay. Once the opening to leave was presented, less and less did he wish to use it.

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