Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 3, page 3 of 31)

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Part 3

"Sure thing," said Jex as he grabbed some iron and went over to the anvil.

Jex had moved most of his working material into the basement of the their house. The stairs to the second floor was more fleshed out now, and pans went upstairs to explore. The second floor was now amazing.

Gone were the doors, and in it's place were two rooms, one for each of them. He even had some windows put in.

"You found sand to make glass?" yelled down Pans.

"Yup! It wasn't that far actually," said Jex.

Pans looked out the window and could see that Jex had done a lot of digging. Before, the floor he was in was level to the ground, but Jex had dug that out so that they truly were on a second floor. He didn't understand how Jex did this so fast. Well, he understood the digging part. After all, Pans was the better digger, but he was impressed that Jex could do as much as he did. He saw the shack they had made for Darren, still untouched, and probably still holding the guide. Pans walked back downstairs.

"We probably should make a room for Darren," said Pans.

"Why? He's perfectly fine where he is," said Jex.

"Well, I want to build rooms anyway. I want the market to start selling some stuff and get some decent coinage."

"We need 50 silver to prove to the Great Gate that we have achieved that. Then they'll send over the other simulacrum."

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