Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 3, page 2 of 31)

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Part 3

The ground was rich, however, with ore. He was able to find a lot of pockets of iron and made sure to store as much iron as he possibly could. He wished he had a depth meter, and he wondered if he could find enough gold, silver and copper to make one, however he knew that if he did find those metals, there were better tools to make. Like a new pick!

However, he figured he should get the iron up to Jex so that he could make himself a better axe. Chopping trees was the worst, and the axe seemed to be the dullest component of all the tools they used.

It was about three hours until Pans returned home. He had run into a few more slimes and this pleased him greatly. Even more so, he didn't run into any worms, which he absolutely loathed. Jex was still clearing out the basement but Pans could see that the storage area was more elaborate. There were a few barrels and some chests that Jex had brought over. Pans put some iron ore in one of the barrels.

"You made all these barrels?" asked Pans.

"Yup," replied Jex.

"Good grief. I didn't realize you can spit them out so fast. Anyway, I threw some of the iron in there, did you see?" asked Pans.

"yes, thanks," said Jex.

"I haven't dug deep enough to get any silver or gold, but could you make us some iron swords? I would feel a lot better if I had a better weapon before a worms starts attacking my face." said Pans.

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