Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 5, page 5 of 33)

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Part 5

Pans crawled out of his little abode and noticed that the hut for BIll was still intact. He couldn't see Jex anywhere and he paniced. Is he dead already/ Did he live through a death? And then what? Does he go home by himself and tell his friend's parents that he's not dead. What will they say? THey'll blame, him that's what they'll do. Jex was always the favourite, even with his parents. And they will say it was his fault.

OH, they wouldn't tell it ot his face, but he knew what they thought. He knew how they felt and what they said behind his back. And then, when he finally gets that date to the prom he had always been wanting and when he gets the nerve to ask the girl out, she will say, "Oh, you're the reason that Jex died. I had a crush on him." and then all his dreams and all his aspirations will come to halt and he will grow up a cold and bitter man, stuck on some empty and barren world who's only purpose would be to collect the spittle of corruptors for future scientific work.

Jex patted him on the shoulder, " Hey Pans, quit freaking out. Look, see that tower over there. That's the one that kayle described in his book. I think we could make it and it would be a lot more safe than this here."

Pans spun around sharply and winced at the thought his friend new him so well.

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