Terraria fanfic 2 (Part 5, page 2 of 33)

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Part 5

THere was a crash and thumb on the roof. Jex and Pans held there breath as they both looked upward and held on to the roof, as if that could stop it from ripping away.

"What if they rip the roof off. Can they do it?"

"Maybe we should dig deeper and possibly put a second roof interior." suggested Jex.

"That's a good idea."

Pans began digging in the ground, and although he wasn't as quick as he was back home, he was making a lot more progress than going up against that stone tomb they found Kayle in. Jex started adding more boards to the roof, wedging them tightly in, as well as supporting them with wood supports so that they would not be ripped off so easily.

After a few moments of digger, Pans broke through the ground.

"Oh look a cave underneath. Just like home. I'm not falling in it though, because ther'e probably nasty tentacle rocks that peel your skin off." said Pans.

"I don't recall that being in the journal of Kayle's" said Jex.

"Well, he's not alive NOW, is he. So I guess his knowledge is a bit weak on how to survive this crazy place. I want to go home."

"Look! We're safe! Can you hear anything? Can you see any monsters down there?" ask Jex.

Pans took out his glow stick and threw it through the hole that he made, which was no larger than his hand. The glow stick fell down for a bit and into some water, where it sunk deeper and deeper. As it fell, all pans could see were dark moving shapes, and eyes turning towards him.

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