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Part 5

Jex and Pans could not sleep. Not only was the night unbearably cold despite their fire they had running, all they could hear were the most unearthly noises that they were not familiar with. There were howls, there was screaming, there was laughing, there sounded like children, there were all manner of beasts and goblins and ghouls just outside their little abode, and Jex and Pans knew they weren't up to the task of defeating any of them.

"Let's go home," Pans suggested.

"It's just the first night! Tomorrow, we can make a bigger house," said JEx.

"And then they can come inside and kill us in the bigger house. HOw is this any better?" asked Pans.

"Look. Maybe isntead of doing an upper ground house, we should just dig lower and see about discovering any ores or metals. We can do that." said Jex.

"We can also just go home! Remember, this whole new world thing was not on the required reading list! We were just supposed to conquer our new owrld, or at least see how far we could get, go home to a graduation fanfare, we get fed, get an A on our course, and then we can sign up for any soul sucking job that comes along which doesn't match any of our skills or interests!" suggested Pans.

"Aren't you super cynical this evening," said Jex.

"Do you not hear what is happening out htere? I don't even know if Bill is allive. Do you think he can make it?"

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