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Part 1

So I thought I should go ewxplore but soon after I was back at the spawn. Well that went well didnt it!? maybe I should go look for a weapon to use to defend myself or maybe some armour to keep me safe or something like that. (Turns out this game is full of chests full of useful items like swords, armour pets money and lots of other cool stuff to) so thats good but the problem was I had nowhere to live so that means I could get killed (not good I dont want that happening.) Finally the sun rises on a new day a fresh start for me to get myself together so I can build something awesome like in Minecraft that game is a lot easier than this but I guess its good to play new games sometimes (I think) but enough talking about other games lets get back to this one because night will be aproaching soon so I need to build something stat. I discovered a weird looking eyeball in a chest i wondered what it was but it wouldnt do anything. (thinking) maybe I should wait till night to do something with it. And now I have FINALLY built a small shack to live in with the guide till I get more materials. The next morning I venture out of the plains (i called it the barren nothingness but thats beside the point right now.)

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