TALE OF SPRING DIAMOND (Part 2, page 1 of 2)

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Part 2

Joy glimpses in the heart for Mrs. Joanna Golfman, a woman who had her happiness wrapped in her tears of sorrow.

Joanna Golfman was 84 years old, she was with her granddaughter Nigella Golfman.

Joanna lost most of her hardened properties and savings due to her son who had a huge loss in his business.

Long back her son was missing and Joanna took care of her granddaughter.

Joanna worked as a staff nurse in one of the hospital to meddle the daily needs.

Joanna helped her granddaughter to do her journalism.

Granddaughter was doing her final year in journalism and she had a busy schedule.

To support her grandmother, she worked part time in a bar.

She used to study in the morning and work till the midnight.

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