Sweet Nothings - Volume Two (Part 5, page 1 of 11)

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Part 5

Jackhammer Joe

Shelley had finally had enough. Today she was grumpy. Because she did data entry at home for the government, her social life was next to non-existent. The pain in her spine between her shoulder blades was constant, very sore and kept her awake at night. So she picked up the phone, called the local chiropractic center and made an appointment.

Now sitting in the waiting room at the center, she was filling out the required information for an assessment and treatment. The questionnaire was extremely detailed and she answered everything asked, to the best of her ability. Finally she was finished, handed the form over to the receptionist, and sat back down to wait.

While she waited, she took a pocket Sudoku book from her purse and began solving puzzles. Head down, as she concentrated, she paid no attention to the comings and goings around her. She didn’t realize she was under scrutiny by one of the chiropractors.

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