Sweet Nothings - Volume Two (Part 7, page 1 of 9)

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Part 7

Hey, Bob!

“Hey, Bob.”

“Yes, Willa.” With a deep sigh, Bob prepared to listen to her latest silly version of a joke.

“Why did the hen walk out into the traffic?”

“To get across the road?”

“No, Silly. She wanted to commit henicide.”

“Get back to work right now, or I’ll fire you.” Trying not to laugh, Bob continued working. These conversations were a daily occurrence as they installed the electrical wiring, circuit breakers, switch and plug boxes, and everything else electrical that was required in the new home under construction. He was constantly amused and amazed at her ability to come up with these inane little quips, but he had to admit it relieved what could be the tedium of a sometimes-monotonous job.

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