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Part 1

He walked into the deserted hallway, past the deserted corridor, the smell of chemical mixed with wood filled his nostrils. He covered his nose with his handkerchief as he moved along the old staircase. He reached the top of the stairs, almost tripping the last step. “You’re late!” the man who was hovering on the corner grunted. He was short compared to the latecomer who was tall, almost half of his height.

“Something came up” the tall man replied, “tell me what was so important that you had to drag me to this freaking place?” The short man laughed, an eerie one echoing down the halls, “you have a new assignment” he said, giving him a neatly folded document “this is the girl”. The tall man looked at the girl’s picture, “what am I do with her?” he asked, irritated. “Finish her off!” was the curt reply.

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