Sweet Betrayal (Part 7, page 1 of 6)

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Part 7

“I want the entire list of your household” Dev said, opening the window, to see the view outside. “I already told you” Ayesha said, rolling her eyes.

They were seated in the office room, he was back to being his brooding self, she noticed with slight annoyance. When she went to meet him last night, he had been different, she realized. Maybe there was much to him than being a jerk.

“So you have Liana the housekeeper, Keerthi the cook, Nikhil the driver and Shyam the gardener” he said as if memorizing mathematical formulae.

“ You forgot Prasad, the watchman who’s Keerthi’s husband as well” she reminded him. He gave a quick glance at her, “what about the security? How tight is it?”

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