Sweet Betrayal (Part 5, page 1 of 5)

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Part 5

Riya stirred in her seat, "where am I?" She asked, stretching her feet, everyone seemed to have momentarily forgotten about her. "God!look at you" Ayesha pulled her hair back, "you're a mess!"

"Where are we going?who the hell is he?" She pointed towards Dev. He looked unfazed, "we're going home, I'll tell you details later" Ayesha wasn't in the mood to talk.

"Okay!good night" Riya had blacked out again.

They reached the mansion finally. Ayesha pulled her cousin out, but she was heavier.

Dev looked at her struggling, "I'll carry her"he said, almost about to lift her in his arms when Nikhil stopped him, "allow me!"he said and carried her inside the house.

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