Sweet Betrayal (Part 3, page 3 of 7)

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Part 3

Ayesha stared at him, but Riya whisked her away to where their driver Nikhil was waiting for them. “Where to miss?” he asked, opening the door of the black Mercedes; “city center” Riya winked at her cousin, pinching her hand. Nikhil nodded, starting the car.

Ayesha hugged her jacket close to her, “they know!” she whispered, “They all know, even Liana”. Riya rolled her eyes, “who cares? Relax and seize the day” she said.

Ayesha shrugged, “I am worried about Liana, what if she tells papa?” Riya smiled, genuinely this time “she won’t, trust me. As much as she’s strict, she won’t get you into trouble”.

“I hope I am doing the right thing”.

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