Streamy Stories (Part 3, page 3 of 7)

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Part 3

I splashed water over my face, trying to calm myself.

You can do it!

It's nothing.

I wasn't scared. Just a mixture nervous and excited.

Maybe because he was hot.

He was the type of guy every girl would have wanted to fuck her. But the problem was, I was a virgin and he didn't know.

I bit my lip

Taking two cups of tea I headed back to the room. He was sitting on my bed, typing something over his cell.

Noticing me entering he tapped the site on the bed with him saying "come here"

Placing the cups on the table, I hesitantly went to sit with him.

Once I sat, he stared at me. I nervously tugged a strand of hair behind my ear. I averted my eyes, away from him. His eyes were just... too intense.

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