Streamy Stories (Part 2, page 1 of 10)

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Part 2

His lips moved against mine while I stayed shocked and frozen.

My Math Professor is kissing me!!!

This can't be real!!!

This definitely a dream.

Someone please pinch me.

And I'm letting him kiss me?

I tried to move back and push him away but his arms locked around my waist, prevented me from backing off as his kiss became rough.

He thrust his tongue into my mouth and before I could register what was happening, his tongue roamed all over in my mouth, his arms pushing me against his body. I could feel his strong muscles pressed against me.

I moaned.


He's a good kisser.

After about 5 minutes of kissing, he let go, breathing hard, leaving me breathless too.

He leaned his forehead against mine and whispered "Chloe..."

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