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Part 1

Dr. Doris Benjamin and Dr. Emily James from the Mountain Interplanetory Space Center was invited to speak to a group attending a convention at the Deep Space Exploratory Center. A lot of the attendees had just graduated from college and was pretty inexperience about the Deep Space Exploratory Center agenda. Dr. Emily James explaning about astroids. Astroids are a class of small rocky and mettallic bodies orbiting the sun. These bodies represent failed planetsimals or proto-planets and banrucci. Astroid composition varies widely from violate rich bodies to metallic bodies with high concentrations of rare metals such as gold, silver, and plantium in addition to more common elements iron and nickel

‚Äč Dr. Benjamin explained that a astroid's trajectory were constantly changing by gravitational pull of other planets that need constant traking because a small mistake in calculations could have serious consequence. She explaned that in merging with Deep Space Exploratory Center to launch a rocket that would reach a mountain size astroid nmed Helena after the vocanco in Washington and gently extract the minels from it's tail section and then gently nudge it's trajetory by using little explosives into farther outerspace.

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