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Part 2

Our first meeting. We fell in destiny.

IT was the semester break and I was relaxing in my room doing some videos editing. I got caught up in a lot of photoshoot and was asked by many customers to make those photos into a compiled video. I even got some booking from my junior from High School. It was very fun. It's called a holiday, but for me, it won't be a holiday if I'm too bored. I should at least do something that I'm happy and good at.

My sister was downstairs of our double-storey house. She was helping my mom in the kitchen. I wanted to go and help them but I was too absorbed with my works. Well, I'm my dad's daughter, indeed. We're called 'hardworking' members of the family. Sometimes, my parents think that my interest in photography is just a waste of time. I should go and learn some cooking during the holiday for an early preparation for marriage life. I was like, "mom, dad. I'm not ready to think about it yet"

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