Soul Drifter (Part 4, page 2 of 21)

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Part 4

"Isaac, I am sitting in the front!"

"First come, first served," he says as he pulls open the front passenger door.

"Isaac! Mom! Mom, tell Isaac to sit in the back. I am the oldest and I cannot believe we have to have this fight every single day."

My mom looks across the roof of the car at me. "I cannot believe we have to fight about this every morning either."

The car door next to me slams shut and I look down at Isaac's pleased face through the window.

"Come on, Mom!"

"Get in, Gaby. There is no time to argue about a silly thing like who sits where."

For a moment, I want to storm back into the house, but I take the two steps to the back door of the car and I get in. I slump down into the seat and stare out of the window to my side angrily.

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