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Part 7

After a taxi ride to the airport, three connecting flights and twenty-two hours later, we stop in front of my Grandma's two bedroom cottage. Everything looks silent and foreboding.

My mom scratches in her bag for the spare set of keys she has for my Grandma's house. "I hope I remembered to take the keys."

My dad is edgy from too little sleep. "That would just be the icing on the cake, wouldn't it?"

"Gabriel!" My mom hisses. No other words are needed to express her urgent need for him to not say another word. "See I have them." She dangles the keys in front of his face triumphantly.

"Just open the door, already," I complain. The sun is hot and burning the nape of my neck. My hair needs to be washed daily, or otherwise it has to be fastened into a ponytail behind my head. It is one of those days, and I am desperate for a hot shower.

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