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Part 4

Six months later

Date: February 14, 2015

"You look beautiful honey." Mom said. I looked at myself in the mirror.

"Is it too much?" I said. My mind was racing. What if he doesn't like it? Is it too much? Am I going to trip going down the isle in these heels?

"Honey, it looks perfect." I took a deep breath. "If only your father could see you now." I sighed.

"Well we both know that's impossible. He's in Iraq." I said.

"I know. At least this is being video taped so he can watch it later." She had a glint of something in her eye. I couldn't tell what it was. She handed me the bouquet of red roses. I wore a floor length white mermaid dress, white 2 inch heels, and a white veil over my long blonde hair, which was curled to perfection. I heard the song start and took another deep breath before slowly walking down the isle, as Harry led me down the isle in his army uniform. He had agreed to give me away since my own father was in Iraq. Daniel was so handsome in his suit. The crowd was dotted with army uniforms. His unit buddies that got shipped home. I smiled as I walked up to him. He smiled back. I stood in front of him. The priest said what he needed to and soon it was my turn to say my vows.

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