SILVER TOUCH (Part 3, page 3 of 4)

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Part 3

All the children happily invite and sing joyful song to the baby.

Baby feels comforted looking at the new faces.

It starts laughing, and moves his legs and hands in joy.

After a month Lora’s husband Mark Lewis enters home and pesters Lora for few dollars for his fun life.

Lora insists and she’s beaten blue and Mark snatches her ear ring and walks towards the door.

As he’s opening the door, he hears babies cry and wonders who’s baby it might be, he nods his head and tries to open the door again.

Same sound he listens again.

Runs to the bedroom and looks at the baby, who is so beautiful and stares at it and laugh’s loudly and asks his wife, from where did you bring the charm.

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