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Part 1

Iran was really lovely country، I was in my friend's house, Reza.

"Jimmy Carter is a fool، He think that the shah must go​!" Reza told to his wife Roya, "How Ayatollah Khomeini suckered Jimmy Carter, just god knows it!"

I asked Reza, "What happened?", he replied, "no biggie, people have taken to the streets, again​! ، Jimmy Carter has enteric people. He forced shah toward more open political atmosphere..."

A few hours after this conversation، we noticed that all hell broke loose in Iran!، Shah of Iran went، And now Iran was a kingdom without a king !.

After we noticed that the situation is extremely critical, the first thing we think about was our passports!, "Where is our passports Reza!?" I asked Reza, He told me that our passports are at the embassy, lets go to take them!.

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