Sarah Antoinette : my life story (Part 1, page 1 of 1)


Part 1

10 am I filled a bowl of water to wash Lucy's face and hands.Then I dried them with the linen. Then I hydrated her face with rose water. Then I applied ivory foundation and then white powder on top. Then I added red blushon her cheeks. Then I added pink lipstick. Then I chose a pale blue dress with lace and floral patterns. Then I got a pair of purple shoes, then a necklace, earrings and a bracelet.Then I sprayed perfume on the beauty and shine of what's called .Oh my God, she was so beautiful. I'm sure any man who sees her will fall in love with her. Arthur has already done it.I want her to meet my family. Meet my parents before they go to the guillotine.


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