Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Part 1, page 1 of 1)

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Part 1

"Mr Ishiko, what exactly are your intentions towards me?", a reticent voice mumbled with apprehension.

"My intentions?", he chuckled oddly as an eerie aura surrounded him. His eyes held an unfathomable coldness.

"You really didn't get it?", saying Arsenio cornered her. His eyes glinted darkly.

"I'll just show you then"

Grasping her chin in his long strong fingers, he captured her lips with his lips. Angelize was stunned. Regaining her senses, she tried to push him off but was only able to unconnect their lips momentaily to breath because the next second he again connected their lips.

This time circling his arms around her, he practically rendered her motionless as he mercilessly pushed her against the wall. His tongue invaded her mouth, deepening the kiss.

At the moment she considered biting his tongue but how could she dare to offend BIg Boss?

Specially when he he had the ability to kill her right then and there and no one would even get an air of it.

So she could only stay still and regret provoking him.

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