Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Part 11, page 2 of 4)

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Part 11

Angelize smiled at her.

Sarah was different.

Angelize ignored her in the beginning, owing to her restrained personality but it seemed like Sarah had no intentions of conceiving the implementations of body language. However as time went by, unconsciously Angelize heart warmed up to her. So she let her tag along with her.

She was a bubbly, charismatic and lively person. She was like a breath of fresh air in her dull life when Angelize could actually feel like a normal teenager around her.

But Sarah had a flaw. She was a bit naive and over-emotional.

Perhaps her immature and artless nature was the reason she was so straightforward and never felt the need to form connections with rich students.

As for Angelize, she had an advantage that she had not to be paired up with some random despicable riche for the group projects that occurred frequently. Specially when previous pairing with Zayden had resulted in such a vexing outcome.

"Sure", Angelize replied warmly.

In the cafeteria, Angelize ate quietly as Sarah continued her chatter non-stop. Occasionally Angelize would say a word or two.

Going to college might have been her dream once but now these students looked so superficial and artificial to her. They had no idea what exists beyond the safe haven of their homes, the rules of streets, the laws of jungle and the requirements of survival. They had no idea how delicate and little there life was. Just like the vulnerable flame of a candle in a stormy night. Gradual accumulation of hostile experiences had matured her a lot.

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