Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Part 11, page 1 of 4)

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Part 11

In the Imperial College.

Angelize exceptional looks attracted a lot of unwanted male attention. It went without saying she was gorgeous. She could be outrightly regarded as the number one beauty of the college. However, for Angelize, it was only a bother.

Although she avoided trouble by being modest with her outfits and always keeping a large hoodie to cover up her face, nevertheless a beauty like her couldn't be always kept shrouded.

Those who were ignorant of the enchantress hiding under the hoodie and those who were too hypocritical to recognize her exceptions, impassively characterized her as a creep.

Because she never spoke to anyone unless necessary. Sitting at the inconspicuous corner, her face was always covered with a hood and a pair of ear-plugs simply severed her from the outside world. It seemed like she had no interest in socializing.

What about socializing? She simply had no interest in life!

How wrong they were.

"Hey Angelize, lets go to cafeteria together!", Sarah exclaimed cheerfully.

Students have rather unapproved looks over their face. Why does Sarah need to mingle with that freak?

Angelize knew the answer. Simply because Sarah was at the end of the food chain. She was a commoner with no noble origin after all. So naturally there was a narrow range of students willing to befriend her. And all other middle-class students will prefer to fawn around a rich than mingling with someone of same status to make connections.

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