Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Part 10, page 1 of 5)

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Part 10

A joyful laughter rumbled earnestly in the cold expensively furnished office. In his office, there were Adam, Andrian and few other important members of supervising crew. Big Boss was sitting on the big comfy chair while his subordinates stood stiff under his imperious presence.

Everyone gaped at their Almighty Big Boss, astonished at his sudden laugh.

Only Adam was at the verge of tears.

"I don't believe it", Andrian finally stifled the stupor induced by that heartfelt laughter of that peerless man-a laugh that could simply topple the heavens.

It was the second time they ever heard that laughing in such a gaily manner. They would say that their boss rather looked good when he laughed. Instead he should laugh more. It was a lot better than that cold serious face that could freeze a volcano into a glacier and gave his subordinates a suffocating feeling.

"Are you hundred percent sure that it was her", Andrian had that incredulous look over his face.

"In the beginning I didn't believe it myself too but the hidden camera on our man recorded it all!", Adam attempted to explain with somewhat resentful look. He resembled a kitten who has been terribly wronged.

Andrian shook his head. He was in obvious denial. "I refuse to believe it unless I witness it with my own eyes"

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