Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Part 9, page 1 of 5)

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Part 9

Her concentration was directed to that casual looking man in the second row. His outfit and demeanor was obviously blending him in background. But one needs an incisive perception to discern.

Angelize didn't look at him directly. Her eyes were close and her appearance gave an impression of nonchalance. She had spotted that man once but never suspected a thing. Twice could still be a coincidence. But thrice should never be overlooked.

He was clearly following her and not in a clumsy manner rather in an excessively vigilant manner.

Meaning he was a professional.

But why would someone hire a professional for her sake?

Her heart trembled as a chill swept across her. Images of her horrible past flashed across her closed eyes and left her desolated. Horror crept into her heart.

At that moment, she couldn't think of anyone other than them who would hire someone for her.

Could it be them?

Had they found about her whereabouts?

She has successfully hidden herself from them for three years. Now there should not be anymore. If she has come so far, she must not give up now. She shook off her fear and her eyes opened with a new determination solidifying within her.

She will not submit to her fate.

She must get rid of that man before he notifies them about her whereabouts.

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