Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world (Part 4, page 1 of 14)

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Part 4

Next day she woke up on a comfortable mattress. It had been so long since she slept on a bed that she almost forgot that how good it felt. Then the torrent of recollections came to her. She quickly got up but couldn't leave her place.

Damn it, she was tied to bed.

"Its about time you should be awake", a resonate voice filled her ears.

She followed the direction to find a young man standing in front of a huge window staring outside. Though only his back was visible but a man having such an imperious atmosphere around him could be none other than Arsenio Ishiko.

Last night, they knocked her out because they thought she was too dangerous to be taken back while conscious. After all she had a dagger at the big boss throat. On that scale she was second only to Big Boss because no one had been able to accomplish what she did.

"So let's start with your name", his voice was cold, "What's your name?", Arsenio Ishiko was looking out of window unperturbed.

She was surprised to find herself alive because after what she did the Big Boss wouldn't just let go of her. Perhaps he was intending to torcher her before killing her or just wanted to interrogate her before killing her. But why was he himself present there to attend to a trivial matter like her? According to her knowledge, Arsenio Ishiko was a important busy man-an unapproachable.

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