Run In With A Bloodsucker (Part 3, page 1 of 4)

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Part 3

. iJim and Mary showers petition the family court to adopt the three younger siblings. They would have adopted Jamie also but Eric holding hands with Jamie wanted to give her the last name of Showers a different way which all of the family was over joyed with the news..Mot a month later Colt, Christopher and Samatha last name changed to showers

Both Cindy and Jamie was making arrangements for their wedding. They both wanted their wedding to be a garden setting at the Shower's house They also picked the same date. Erin and Eric decided to make both of their ladies happy would do a double wedding. In September the double wedding took place.

Both Cindy and Jamie was well pleased.Jim and Mary Showers was estatic over seeing both of their youngest twins settling down with the love of their lives. Soon afterwards Eric while holding hands with his beautiful wife announced that they were expecting their first baby. Pregnancy was hard on Jamie. The doctor advised her to either stop working or going to college. After farther discussion both Eric and Jamie decided that she should just stay home and take care of herself

‚Äč The first day of spring Jamie gave birth to a tiny little boy. A little premature but he would be alright. They named him Eric Lynn Showers Jr. it would be awhile untill he would be able to come home. Jamie came home to sleep then she was right back at the hospital. Meanwhile Cindy had started working as a file clerk at a local attorney's office. Eric Jr. was strong enough to go home. They were a whole family again. Mary would help Jamie adjust to the baby's routine. Jamie was getting stronger herself but the doctor advised her that she could resume either her schooling or her job but not both at the same time.

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