ROMANTIC PLAYS OF BASKAR (Part 1, page 1 of 1)


Part 1

The hour hand of the clock was embracing the number five while the minute hand on the number six.

Shyamala who was in impuris naturalisbus, was spectating the romantic scene in the main hall where Sujatha,like a mermaid,was posing in front of her husband, Baskar who she found tasting the erect breasts of Sujatha by which Sujatha was lavitating and closing her eyes,effusing sighs, orgasamic sighs, now and then ,shoving his hairy head and then appressing his neck to her erect breasts. The more Baskar was lapping her thelium the more Sujatha was sighing and mourning,thus expressing her sexual satisfaction through her mourns and sighs. Shyamala found out that her leghanga would at any time, fall down at her feet as it was very loose and lying below her navel, thus bordering at her escutcheon region. Shyamala understood that her leghanga wished to take rest at her feet as her diaphonou G- String, which was exposing the contour of her fair complexioned vulva, was taking care of protecting her erogenous pudendum.

Shyamala realized that Sujatha was equal to her to be blessed with erotic organs like her and in no way her sexual organs were inferior to her organs.

From the date of her menarche till now, Shyamala hadn't exposed her nudity to anyone, even to her mother except Baskar. During her tryst,,,one day SHYAMALA overtly expressed her mind to Baskar:" You are only the person to see my naked body. Even to my mother,I haven't exposed my sexual organs."

Baskar understood her outre disposition to express her words but he didn't disparage her.


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