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Part 10

Sujatha batted her eye lids at him stylishly and laughed at him. Then her attention was turned to a bottle in which inside he kept cakes. He spoke with her eyes showing the bottle by her eye gesture for which Baskar said with smile:” I am penchant for cakes and my mother used to buy for me. Before retiring to bed, it is my freakish habit to eat cake with hot milk.”

“What? Eating cake with hot milk?”

“It is my whim.”


“Watching “Main Streams” porno.”

“Oho? Watching the ‘Main Streams” porno! Then wanking isn’t it?”

Baskar smiled at her and batted his eyes to mean, ‘yes’. Then he set the Video camera to a vantage position for capturing Hymeneal scenes.

Baskar focussed the video camera angle towards her and exclaimed:” Really, you’re ravishing in this blue negligee, Shyamala.”

“Thank you for your compliments, Baskar dear.” Shyamala necked at his cheek.(kissed and embraced with sexual passion)

“How do you say I am ravishing in this negligee dress?” Shyamala asked in a caressing and affected tone.

“Your cleavage is explicitly visible out of the down blouse.” Baskar replied French kissing her.

Are they nice to see?”

“You are the steamiest blonde in this gorgeous negligee.” Baskar rained kisses on her cheek, neck and chin and whispered softly,” Shall I flick off the light?”

“If so, how can the video work our?” Shyamala asked Baskar.

“It’s a special camera to capture the scenes even without light.”

“What are you going to do now?” whispered Shyamala in a fondling tone.

“After dry-humping, I am going to smear the cream of the cake over your breasts and clit.. Then….”

Shyamala intercepted and said:” Enough. I know what you’re going to do further.”

Baskar switched off the light and then commenced his foreplay by dry-humping her.

Shyamala was standing and felt his hands cupping her protruded portion of negligee and waggled them with hands without divesting her negligee. Since his hands wagged her chubby breasts along with negligee, they were swaying according to the rhythm of his shaking.

While Baskar was waggling her charming and erect boobs snugly inside her negligee partly peeping out through the gap, Shyamala felt she was levitating in the sky and closed her eyes. She hugged him tightly and violently, and then her hands were flitting his back while hugging him violently.

In the standing posture Baskar was dry-humping his lover, Shyamala who was ravishing in her negligee dress, felt steamy and let her steams of inner desire through her moaning and sibilating which Baskar heard and sussed out explicitly.

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