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Part 6

Baskar was supporting his chin upon her shoulder and replied calmly: “It’s neither puppy love not divine love but staunch love. It conduces to marriage. I am sure of it.”

Without seeing his face, she asked him,” How have you confirmed it is staunch love? How do you predict that out love will lead to marriage?”

By this time, his hands were smearing her back to confirm whether she was wearing brassiere and then pulled her back tightly. He answered cleverly: “When you proposed by sending message to me, I thought that you‘re affected by infatuation which is due to this age. I suspected whether it would be a corporeal love. “

Shyamala was very eager to know how he discriminated between corporeal love and puppy love. So she released herself from his grip and faced him rightly. “Corporeal love?”

Baskar simply nodded with a smile.

“Is my love on you corporeal?”

“Certainly not.” Baskar assured.

“How are you sure of it?”

Baskar replied: “Most of the girls in our college have fallen in love with me for the reason that I am handsome to their eyes.” When Baskar told her, Shyamala doubted whether he uttered this conceitedly. She thought that he was proud of his handsomeness.

After pause, Baskar continued:” Especially, there is a rich girl namely Sujatha, second year ECE student who is very crazy about me. It’s she that proposed to me first and threatened me that if I reject her love, she won’t hesitate to commit suicide. I know that it is due to her calf love, infatuation and crush. Her father is a politician living opulent life. She is very much frustrated by my sapient reply without wounding her heart. I am aware of the imminent danger ahead of me when her father comes to know about her amatory affairs with me. But she is not in a position and patient to listen to my words. Finally I revealed the entire matter to my mother for her advice….” He paused.

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