RETALIATION (Part 4, page 2 of 17)

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Part 4

Then she dilated her thighs to look at her ‘nympha “Hoom, even my labium is also sable.’’ She sighed. “Why did he God create me like that of Saneeswaran appearance?” she was discomfited with her black complexion. “The God created Brahmin girls with fair complexion and especially their pudenda are ruddy complexion. Trisha, an actress has a fair complexion and her boobs are as ruddy as her genitals. Even her Coleus Feminus is also fair to see. But mine is sable colour. All the girls of western and Eastern countries have ruddy complexioned organs. Wouldn’t I have born there to bestow the nice complexion?” She was very much annoyed by herself. With this disposition, she opened her wardrobe.

She picked out a long blue gown, G-string only. She never wore brassiere. With this kind of dress, she started to adorn herself.

When she came out, her aunt came across her and on seeing her dress, she was surprised and asked her, “Where are you going?”


Her aunt was a young lady, ravishing in her petticoat and down blouse. Actually she was more beautiful than Kanmani.

She was born and brought up in the family of toilers and her parents had their own land in a village. She had her education up to twelfth standard and she got married immediately.

As misfortune enveloped her family, the land dispute between her parents and the neighbour got worse and ended with ghastly crime. Yes, her neighbour murdered all her family members including her husband.

Veerapandi arrested the murderer and when he heard her heartrending story, he sympathized for her and comforted her saying,” Saroja, there’s no use of lamenting for the departed souls. Past is past. There is no use of grieving for the past worst life; future life is important and I am ready to give life to your tragic life. Come with me and be the queen of my house. “

Saroja relied upon his words and got in the jeep.

Veerapandi signed something to his constables and they understood what he meant.

The police jeep stopped at a secluded place.

“Now run away from here. You are young and you have to spend your life nicely not in jail. Hurry up.” The constables urged the criminal to escape.

The criminal relied on them and jumped from the jeep and started to flee.

The constables took their guns and shoot at him. He fell down and bled to death.

“What I say is the law; what I decide is the judgment. These murderers should be shot dead instantly. See there, the ghastly criminal was shot dead.. This is the punishment I am going to impose on him. I will produce the evidence in the court that the criminal tried to escape after attacking the constables. So it necessitated to shoot him dead.”

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